Insights Around Water Coolers

Apr 24, 2017

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So she tested the water, which comes from a municipal water source, and discovered that it had low pH levels. She also discovered that the school district had never tested the water. Maine schools with water from municipal sources are not required to test it because the utility monitors it, unlike school water from wells. Sherburne brought up her concerns about the low pH with the maintenance staff. Tests showed elevated lead levels in at least 27 locations at the elementary and high schools. The bad taste of the water turned out to be unrelated. Afterward, Sherburne said, I was shocked. All of the water fountains had out-of-order signs. The school district is now working to fix the problem, which may stem from lead-leaking pipes or fixtures within the schools. Superintendent Eileen King said she will schedule an informational meeting on the problem after school vacation. School officials say there is no indication that any student has been sickened by the lead exposure, which can stunt brain development and cause neurological damage and other medical problems in children. Meanwhile, the district has warned students and staff not to drink or cook with the water.

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